Why CPAP Nasal Pillows Are Better Than Other CPAP Machines

Sleeping is a wonderful activity and most of us can only do it if we’re comfortable. You will sleep better on a soft bed than on a cold, hard floor. You will sleep better with pillows than just a bunch of folded clothes. Comfort is important if you want to sleep soundly as a baby. But imagine sleeping with a mask on your face. It sounds like something out of a scary movie but this is a reality for people who wants relief from a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that plagues many people. If you have sleep apnea, you stop breathing for some time while you’re sleeping. This can eventually lead to heart failure and other fatal diseases. Wearing a mask that ensures a clear airway while you’re in bed is one of the therapies used in treating sleep apnea. This mask is part of CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy. It ensures that you will not stop breathing whilst asleep. However, wearing a mask is not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world. But advances in technology that deal with sleep disorders have been made and there is now a new and more comfortable tool used in CPAP.

CPAP Nasal Pillows for More Freedom

CPAP nasal pillows work the same way as CPAP full-face masks but they are designed better. These nasal pillows are only attached to your nostrils. They will not obstruct your whole face, unlike the masks. These pillows also afford you normal nighttime activities that you cannot do with the mask on.

Some people read themselves to sleep. If you’re one of these people and you have sleep apnea, you will probably find it tiring to put on the mask after reading when all you want to do is drift off to dreamland. The masks will obstruct your vision and it would be necessary to put them on only after you put down your book and ready to sleep. But if you get one of the CPAP nasal pillows, you will be able to read and not worry about fiddling with your CPAP machine after putting the book down. You can even watch TV until you fall asleep. dreamstation vs airsense 10 

These nasal pillows will also not prevent you from speaking. The full-face masks will muffle your voice and take the enjoyment out of a quiet conversation before calling it a night. But with a nasal pillow, you can have comforting talks with your partner in bed before sleeping, just like many other normal couples do.

CPAP Nasal Pillows for a More Comfortable Sleep

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, these nasal pillows also reduce the risks of skin irritations. They don’t have parts that will not poke painfully at your face, unlike the full-face masks. The pillow is designed in such a way that the part of the machine that fits into your nostrils will not be pressing hard on your face when you sleep on your side. You will be able to sleep like a log.


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