Spiritual Expansion – Receiving, Understanding and Recognizing Angel Signs and Messages

If your little angel is having a birthday soon, then why not hold an angel fancy dress costume party for her? Girls of all ages love fancy dress and an angel fancy dress costume party is a great variation on the fairy theme, if you’re looking for something a little bit different. Little girls between the ages of three and seven are particularly fond of dressing up and, if you buy, make or adapt your own angel fancy dress costume, it can be used time and time again for dressing up and make-believe play. And don’t forget that an angel fancy dress costume can also prove indispensable for the school nativity play come Christmas time!

So, how do you go about making your little angel’s day? First, you have to think about the angel fancy dress costume. If you are handy with scissors, needle and thread, you might like to make or alter any suitable existing clothes. You can be as creative as you like, adding tuile, net or voile to give volume to a plain white dress or nightgown, along with silver and gold sequins and glitter for a sparkling “angel dust” effect. No self-respecting angel would be seen without a pair of wings and again, if you are the creative type, you can make these yourself. Draw the outline of the wings on to some cardboard (a heart shape is easiest), cut out the wings and either spray with gold or silver paint or cover with aluminium foil. Using a hole punch or scissors, make four holes in the middle of the wings, to form an imaginary square. Tie a short length of elastic from both top holes to both bottom holes. Your angel can put her arms through the elastic and wear the wings like a back pack. A tinsel covered halo made from craft wire and attached to an alice band completes the angel fancy dress costume. 211 angel number

If all this sounds too exhausting, especially with all the other aspects involved in organising a party or if you are not the creative type, then the easy alternative is to buy or hire an angel fancy dress costume. There are a number of specialist fancy dress retailers on line supplying a good choice of angel fancy dress costumes, or you could check out your local toy shop.

Don’t forget to supply your little angels with suitably heavenly party food. Cupcakes or fairy cakes can be adapted into angel cakes. Cut a slice off the top of each cake, divide into two, place a teaspoon of butter cream into the void, and arrange a pair of “wings” on each cake. Sprinkle with edible angel dust and silver and gold dragees. Angel “dolls” can be made from fondant icing, marzipan or gingerbread. Finally, for drinks, strawberry or vanilla milkshakes sprinkled with edible angel dust and topped with a strawberry halved into “wings” are sure to impress at your angel fancy dress costume party.


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