Being accused of a crime is terrifying. You undoubtedly have many concerns about what will happen next in your case, the potential repercussions of a conviction, your rights, and the best strategy to proceed with your case and with minimum interruption to your life.

You can get advice specific to your situation from a criminal defense attorney from Mesa DUI Lawyer. They can help you and answer your questions to guide you so that you can navigate the intimidating world of the legal system.

A few common questions and their answers are given below:

How much a NJ criminal defense lawyer will cost?

Criminal attorney fees in NJ vary widely based on experience and case complexity, with fixed fees typically ranging from $3,500 to $6,000 for third or fourth-degree indictable crimes. Hourly rates can range from $250 to $700, while the firm’s hourly rate is often structured with flat rates for different case stages.

Whether criminal lawyers in NJ do payment plans?

Many criminal law firms offer payment plans requiring a substantial upfront payment (around one-third to one-half) and tailoring repayment schedules based on guarantors’ reliability factors.

Why would you ever need the help of an NJ criminal defense lawyer?

The saying “a man who is his lawyer has a fool for a client,” dating back to 1814, underscores the importance of hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Such lawyers are trained, experienced, and dedicated to securing the best possible outcome, as they understand the legal landscape and advocate for the defendant against the prosecutor’s aim to convict. It is crucial to prioritize expertise over cost when choosing legal representation.

What may happen if you go to court without hiring an attorney?

If you cannot afford an attorney and are not a qualified legal professional, your representation is termed “pro se.” You need to understand that legal procedures and rules will still be applicable.

When should you hire a NJ criminal attorney?

Hiring an attorney early in a case is crucial. It can prevent charges, secure immediate release, preserve evidence, and create a barrier between you and law enforcement. Early intervention allows for thorough defense preparation.

What makes someone a perfect defense lawyer?

The most critical factor in evaluating an attorney’s quality is their experience, considering their years in practice and the relevance of their background to your specific case.

It is crucial to avoid being swayed by flashy pitches and prioritize real trial experience over mere claims on a website. Experience is the accurate measure of a good defense lawyer.