Affect Your Child Custody Decisions

When a couple fights for the custody of their child, there are different factors based on which the court makes the decision. The primary aim is to protect the child’s interest and safety. Knowing about these factors gives you an upper hand when fighting for complete or half custody in court.

If you’re going through a challenging phase in your life where you have to fight to remain close to your child, you can consider hiring the Law Office of David J. Rodriguez, PLLC, who will help you in a child custody decision. This article discusses the 5 most essential factors affecting your child custody decision. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

5 Most Essential Factors Can Affect Your Child Custody Decisions

1. The Child’s Interest and Wish

First and foremost, the child’s wish or interest is prioritized while making a child custody decision. The court asks the child to choose a specific parent, and the final verdict is based on their decision. So, if you have a strong relationship with your kid, the chances are high that you will win custody. The age and the size of the child are considered here.

2. Domestic Violence or Abuse

If a particular parent has a history of violence or domestic abuse, the court grants sole custody of the kid to the other parent. Based on the situation, the abusive person is also charged and supervised for the crime committed. If your partner has made false allegations about domestic violence or abuse, hire a lawyer to fight for you.

3. Stability at Home

The court considers the child’s current home situation and everyday habits, like a good routine, a stable home environment, or a regular schedule. When parents get separated, it leaves a mark on the child’s mental and emotional health; thus, the court tries to give the child a happy and safe home that they are familiar with.

4. The Relationship Between the Child and Each Parent

Your relationship with your child is another major factor that affects the custody decision. How do you interact with your kid? How do they respond to you? Do they listen to you? Do you love them or have time for them? These are some of the factors which help in determining your bond with your child. If the court feels you can take good care of your kid, the verdict will be in your favor.

5. Physical and Mental Health of Parents and Children

If one parent is mentally or physically unfit and will find it difficult to manage the children, the court may give away the custody to another parent. Although it is not the deciding factor, as physically or mentally disabled people can take care of kids, it does affect the overall decision.

Wrapping Up!

Child custody is a life-changing decision, especially for your kid. Thus, the court takes time to analyze each factor before making the final decision.