Che Van Der Wheil devised this method to narrow down the sector



of horses in a horse race. The Van Der Wheil – VDW technique uses key metrics as follows, class, consistency (the final 3 completing positions of the pony in question), capacity and velocity figures to asses a horse’s chance of prevailing. He said that the pony must be within the first 6 of the having a bet forecast and that the pony’s weight changed into a key factor within the horse’s risk as weight is a leveler.


The key to the Van Der Wheil Method was the elegance of race (Penalty Value) that the horse had competed in. He used the analogy of a premiership football group winning all their games in the conference league. The form of the crew is good however what’s form if accomplished in lower class soccer fits. Visit :- เว็บแทงบอล


Below are 6 easy Steps on a way to study a horse racing form using the Van Der Wheil Ratings – The 6 Step VDW Method.


The key to the VDW method is to pick out the elegance/form horses inside the race based on the subsequent standards and vicinity those horses in corporations B+ G+ C+ S+ and A+.


Step 1. Find top 3 OR – Official Rated Horses into Group B+

Step 2. Total the prize money from the ultimate three races a horse competed in to produce Group G+

Step three. Pick steady horses by including up the last 3 race positions a horse has executed produces Group C+

Step 4. Identify top 3 horses with Top Speed figures ( TS ) produces Group S+ using the Racing Post.

Step 5. Identify horses that can win in terms of capability equated to through prize cash divided through the quantity of races received. Group A+


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